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Thursday 14 December 2017
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Is Your Diet Food Keeping You Fat?

Is Diet Food Making People Fat?

If you visit a normal American supermarket, you can see lots of diet food. It will be marked as light, LITE, diet, low fat, or low sugar. But are these foods, which are advertised as diet foods, really part of the problem when we try to lose weight.

The Problem With Low Fat Products

Look at many low fat products. Manufacturers still want them to taste good, and so they very often use loads of sugar in them. The sugar can cause a spike in blood sugar. This tells our body to produce insulin. So guess what? It causes our bodies to want to store more fat. In this case, the so-called diet food is actually counter productive.

Issues with Low Sugar Products

Low sugar products can be full of fat or chemicals that are not helpful either. Sometimes these synthetic chemicals can cause our livers to work much harder, and this slows down our whole digestive process.

Starvation or Extreme Diets

It is well known that just starving will not help either. If we reduce a calorie intake too much, our bodies will think they are being starved. So they will go into a mode where they will want to hold onto every gram of fat they get. Instead of telling our bodies to shed weight, it gets harder and harder to lose anything at all. Besides that, we may be depriving ourselves of essential nutrition, and we are certainly feeling more cranky and unsatisfied.

What Is The Answer?

So what is the answer? Well, reliance on fake foods with lots of chemicals, fake fats, or hidden sugar is not the answer here. We know that because we eat lots of diet food, but Americans are fatter than ever before!

Experts who really help people lose weight will tell us that the answer is not to stock up on commercial diet products at all. It is, rather, to go back to the sources of food. They say if we want to be healthy we should stay on the outside aisles of our grocery store where the produce, lean meats and natural dairy products are kept. Just adding more natural fiber to your diet may be the tip you need to start the scale moving the right way! They will also say that a routine with moderate exercise, like walking, can help us keep our metabolism revved up so it can help us lose weight.

If you buy processed products, look at the ingredients and nutrition label. Is that loaf of so-called health bread loaded with sugar and low in fiber? Sometimes bread, which is supposed to be a healthy food, can be the culprit. Health cereals can be culprits too because they are often packed with sugar. You may be better off by minimizing your use of these items if you are really trying to shed pounds.

Stock up on fruits and vegetables and find ways to make them central to your meals and snacks. You can prepare a nice salad and keep it in the fridge so you can have it handy. Go ahead and add vegetables and fruits as you like. Use protein, like lean fish, meat, or cheese as accents to the salad. And beware of dressing because many can add more calories than the whole rest of your salad!

Once you start eating like this, it gets easier. Suddenly this sort of food tastes good and healthy to you, and other foods start to taste bad!

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